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RVA's Premier Tumbling, Cheer, Ninja
& Acrobatic Gymnastics Center

All of our classes are recreational and designed to foster a sense of self confidence, strength, flexibility and joy. 

Once Enrolled, your child's spot is saved from month to month



Tumbling is the floor exercise apect of Gymnastics. If your kids are Flipping, Bending and Cart-wheeling all over your house; it's time to bring them to Spotlight! 
We also offer classes with Tumbling Plus:

*Uneven Parallel Bars

*Hip Hop Dance


Spotlight Ninjas

In this gymnastics based program with just the right mix of par course and obstacle course work, kids have the opportunity to progress from one skill level to the next while earning badges each and every week. Instructors look for good behavior, bravery,  strength, kindness, and a variety of other positive character traits. Kids will receive a Spotlight Ninja T-shirt and Achieve Sleeve to be worn at each class. 



We've got the cheer class you've been looking for! Have fun while developing your skills as you enjoy the sense of accomplishment that comes from learning new things. Get ready for:
-More Powerful Tumbling
-Impressive Jumps
-Safe Stunting
-Preparation for competitive cheer should you choose


Tumbling + Uneven Parallel Bars

We've added an entire new area to our gym and brought the two best parts of gymnastics together in our Tumbling with Bars Classes. Kids learn amazing strength while hanging, gliding and swinging from the uneven parallel bars, along with learning new amazing tumbling skills on our brand new floor.

All levels welcome beginning with our 3-5 year old pre-scholers. These classe are already extremely popular so don't miss your chance to get your child started!  Skill level is based on Tumbling experience as we modify bars to athletes' levels and abilities as needed.

Tumbling + Hip Hop Dance

Does your child love Gymnastics and Dance? Get the best of both worlds with our unique Tumbling + Hip Hop Dance Class. These classes are not only so much fun, but kids are learning amazing tumbling skills combined with the latest hip hop dance moves. Get your kids moving and flexible, and grow their self confidence as they shine in these creative classes


Kids Birthday Parties

Looking for a fun, safe and entertaining environment for your child and his or her friends to burn off a whole lot of energy on their birthday?  Spotlight Acro and Cheer is just the place! Located in Mechanicsville, we offer 90 minute kids birthday parties including a full hour of non-stop, supervised fun with our own instructors, followed by thirty minutes of party time for refreshments or gifts.  Host your party at Spotlight and we provide just about everything but food!


See What People Are Saying!

My daughter now takes two classes here and has so much fun! They have a lot of one on one attention and they praise each and every child! I would definitely recommend it! They have a variety of classes!

Contact Us To Learn More
6078 Mechanicsville Turnpike
Mechanicsville, VA 23111
Call or Text: 804-453-2276



Thanks for contacting us. If you do not hear back within 48 hours, PLEASE call or text 804-453-2276

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