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Spotlight's big focus is TUMBLING. Tumbling is the Floor Exercise aspect of gymnastics. If your child loves gymnastics and their main interest is learning cartwheels,  back handsprings, & more,  tumbling classes are where he or she belongs. We begin our tumbling classes at age 3 and teach all levels from pre-k and beginning tumbling to advanced-intermediate including tumbling passes with twisting skills.  

Cheerleading & acrobatic gymnastics also require strong tumbling skills to excel.  While advancing in tumbling skills, kids are also leaning strength, flexibility, balance, and FUN! These are emphasized in every class we teach at Spotlight. Our focus on good form reduces injury &  improves progress.  Strength & endurance are essential, therefore many families choose to enroll their children in more than one class each week & see significant improvement in their child's tumbling skills, strength, endurance &  flexibility.

Once enrolled in a classs, your child's spot is saved from month to month unless canceled in writing so you don't need to worry about losing their spot or re-enrolling them every session.

Girl doing a tumbling pass

Best of all, tumbling is FUN!

We teach beginning to advanced skills so all levels are welcome at Spotlight. We teach children as young as 3 years old, up to high school seniors. From forward rolls and cartwheels to back tucks and fulls, our coaches have the experience and knowledge to help advance your gymnast to their next level; You'll not only see your child improve in our classes, but their self-confidence soar! If you have questions as to which class is the best fit, please reach out.

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