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Spotlight regularly receives requests from all over the Richmond area, to help gymnasts, dancers and cheerleaders with their tumbling skills. We have several experienced coaches who are happy to accommodate requests for private and semi-private lessons.  These are offered for kids up to age 18 and we can offer more now with our expanded space. We are now also offering private lessons for uneven parallel bars.

If your child is in need of private lessons to help them master or learn a new skill, please contact us and we will be happy to try and find a time that works for your family with one of our amazing, experienced coaches.

For two or more athletes at similar skill levels, semi and tri-private lessons are available.

45 Minute Private Lesson: Non-Member: $75  Members: $65 

45 Minute Semi-Private Lesson: $100 (2 athletes; similar skill level)

55 Minute Tri-Private Lesson: $125 (3 athletes; similar skill level)

Private lessons must be scheduled in person or by phone and are not available through our web portal.
To schedule private lessons, please contact us at



Private lessons require a 24 hour cancelation notice to avoid being charged

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