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Spotlight has Upgraded our Ninja Classes and transitioned to

the SPOTLIGHT NINJA PROGRAM! Our Ninjas are part of a National Program that combines Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Parkour, the Achieve Sleeve, and Tons of Active Fun for Boys & Girls starting

at age 6!

For our littlest Ninjas, we even offer a Mini Ninja program for

kids just  3-5 years old

With this program, kids have the opportunity to progress from one skill level to the next

while earning badges each and every week for good behavior, bravery,  kindness and

a variety of other positive character traits

              Kids will receive a Ninja T-shirt and Achieve Sleeve to be worn at each class.




Perfect for PRESCHOOLERS!  The class curriculum is geared toward childhood development, using positive reinforcement for kids who are learning the basics.  We use colorful animal badges to encourage growth in areas like CARING and THINKING. 

​Of course, we still want them to be little monkeys!  They will swing and roll and balance, train loco-motor skills and practice coordination.  Then, at the end, 

we finish with a fun obstacle course that gets them moving and thinking.


Our entry level Ninja classes focuses on all the basics of movement through space.  We break our curriculum down into four disciplines that every kid LOVES to LEARN.  They'll roll, run, flip and swing through the gym.  

Throw in strength challenges, skills of the week, obstacle courses and you have a class that's sure to please any little monkey that wants to be a NINJA!



The "Next Level" of ninja.  This class will challenge kids with more complicated free-running skills, dynamic acrobatics, and rolling through obstacles courses.  We’ll challenge their strength, balance and coordination as we include more combinations, more flipping and more bravery to their skill set.

​Kids will have earned their "level up" badge in order to qualify for our Advanced Ninja class.  This is the class where kids start learning the hard stuff.  And they will love every minute of it.

(If your child has previous gymnastics, ninja or martial arts experience and you have questions on which level is best, please call us)

"NINJA MONKEYS uniquely focuses on the creative spirit and development of children."

- Coach Tony Clarno,  Founder of Ninja Monkey Gym

Spotlight also offers Ninja Birthday Parties!

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