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Ninja Monkey Head - Spotlight

Spotlight has Upgraded our Ninja Program and transitioned to the Phenomena known As NINJA MONKEYS! Ninja Monkeys is a National Program that combines Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Parkour, the Achieve Sleeve, and Tons of Active Fun for Boys & Girls starting at

age 5 !

Now-BRAND NEW- we are offering our Mini-Ninja program for 3-5 year olds.

With this new program, kids will have the opportunity to progress from one skill level to the next while earning badges each and every week for good behavior, bravery,  kindness and a variety of other positive character traits

              Kids will receive a Ninja Monkeys T-shirt and Achieve Sleeve to be worn at each class.

One Time Registration including uniform is $65



MINI NINJAS (3-5 years) 

Perfect for PRESCHOOLERS!  The class curriculum is geared toward childhood development, using positive reinforcement for kids who are LEARNING how to LEARN.  We use colorful Animal badges to encourage growth in areas like CARING and THINKING. 

​Of course, we still want them to be little monkeys!  They will swing and roll and balance, train loco-motor skills and practice coordination.  Then, at the end, it's time for THE GAME!


NINJA Monkeys (5+ years)

Our entry level Ninja classes focuses on all the basics of movement through space.  We break our curriculum down into four disciplines that every kid LOVES to LEARN.  They'll roll, run, flip and swing through the gym.  

Throw in weekly strength challenges, skills of the week, and THE GAME and you have a class that's sure to please any little monkey that wants to be a NINJA!


MIGHTY Ninjas (level 2)

The "Next Level" of ninja.  Mighty Ninja class starts to challenge kids with more complicated free-running skills, dynamic acrobatics, and rolling through obstacles courses.  We’ll challenge their grip strength as they swing more on bars and start climbing the rope.

​Kids should be on their way to possessing their RED SLEEVE in order to qualify for Mighty Ninjas.  This is the class where kids start learning the hard stuff.  And they will love every minute of it.


MASTER Ninjas (level 3)

Almost have your BLACK SLEEVE?  This is the class for you.  Time to start doing big flips, big swings, and big vaults.  You know all that stuff you’ve seen in the movies?  Bring. It. On.

​These students become role models to their peers, focusing even MORE on character and discipline as the skills they are learning take true dedication and sharp focus.

"NINJA MONKEYS uniquely focuses on the creative spirit and development of children."

- Coach Tony Clarno,  Founder of Ninja Monkey Gym

Spotlight also offers Ninja Birthday Parties!

Ninja Schedule - New classes will be added  in Jan.

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