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Spotlight offers cheerleading classes for kids as young as 5 years old, through high school seniors.

Cheer classes at Spotlight are designed for kids interested in Middle School and High School Cheer (OR for those who just want to have some fun). Our cheer classes are designed to help prepare kids for their Middle School and High School Cheer Teams, as well as help to further those already on these teams.  Many of our classes also focus on tumbling skills. When it comes to competition, our focus is on our competitive acrobatic gymnastics team. We do not anticipate having a competitive cheer team at this time, but have helped many athletes prepare for competitive team tryouts and improve their competitive team skills.


Cheer with Tumbling classes will focus on basic exercises including tumbling, balance and flexibility- through practice, games & drills. our athletes will learn tumbling skills, cheer jumps, proper cheerleading form,  sideline cheers, dances and stunting drills.

We now offer CHEER ONLY classes, for kids who love sideline cheer, cheer jumps, cheer dance, and proper cheer form. Cheer classes start at age 5 and make a great add-on to  your child's current tumbling class.

The Benefits of Cheerleading go beyond fitness with increased strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility; but also help kids learn about becoming a leader as well as a team player, get them used to being out in front of a crowd, and teach them to play well with others and have fun!

Even if your child is already involved in cheer, our tumbling focus can help them improve upon their standing tumbling skills, front and back tumbling passes, and combination tumbling/jumps, as well as flexibility and conditioning.

When registering your child for a Cheer and Tumbling Class, please note that level is based on the TUMBLING SKILL Level rather than Cheer experience.

Dedicated cheer shoes are optional for cheerleading classes.  Please note that most of our athletes do not wear shoes to class.  Cheer shoes are shoes specifically designed for cheerleading, that are only used inside the gym. Shoes used outside of the gym will ruin our flooring.  When using our inflatable TumblTrak, bare feet are required. MOST are in bare feet in our classes.

UPDATE: Until restrictions are lifted, cheer classes will focus on sideline cheer, arm formation, jumps, chants, flexibility and tumbling. We look forward to resuming stunting skills when social distancing regulations are behind us. 

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Trying out for Middle or High School Cheer?
We have classes to help you reach your cheer goals