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Spotlight Acro and Cheer's big focus is TUMBLING. It all comes back to this. Tumbling is the Floor Exercise aspect of gymnastics. Most kids just want to be able to throw cartwheels and back handsprings with their friends. While the majority of our classes teach a considerable amount of tumbling, if your child loves gymnastics but their main interest is learning basic tumbling skills to amazing tumbling passes, tumbling classes are where he or she belong.

Cheerleading & acrobatic gymnastics also require strong tumbling skills to excel.  While advancing in tumbling skills- core strength, balance & flexibility are all taught with precision.  These are emphasized in every class we teach at Spotlight. Form is everything. Good form reduces injury &  improves progress.  Strength & endurance are essential, therefore many families choose to enroll their children in more than one class each week & see significant improvement in their child's tumbling skills, strength, endurance &  flexibility. 

Best of all, tumbling is FUN!


Girl doing a tumbling pass
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