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covid precautions

Where Small Classes  Mean Big Learning!

We're thrilled to see all of our friends again (old and new!) and are doing everything possible to keep kids and families safe.

  • We have hand sanitizer at our entrance and exit  

  • Mats will be cleaned before and after every class. There will be an additional 5 minutes between classes for extra cleaning 

  • We've spaced kids spots out 6 feet apart and will do our best to keep social distancing at all times.

  • Spotting will done at a minimum when necessary for safety. 

  • Preschool Tumbling classes will temporarily be Parent/Tot classes to help keep kids better spaced apart. 

  • There is a parent viewing area right in front of our gym floor with chairs enough for one adult per child in class. Those chairs are marked and spaced out 6 feet apart. (Please only one family member per athlete)

  • Please adhere to the VA mask guidelines while in our gym (not required for children under age 10 or while exercising but advised for adults while indoors)

  • Class sizes at Spotlight have always been small and will continue to remain small to ensure everyone's safety. 

  • Parents/Guardians will be required to sign off on our updated COVID-19 regulations upon registration.

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