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What is Acrobatic Gymnastics?

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

Acrobatic Gymnastics, acro for short, combines the strength of gymnastics with the agility of dance. Engaging choreography captures the audience's attention with a combination of partner acrobatic dynamic and balance elements, tumbling, dance and individual skills.

Acrobats have been performing since the early 20th century. Acro has been involved in World Championships since 1993.

Athletes compete in pairs or groups. Throughout the year, they learn cooperation, trust and perseverance as they work to perfect their skills and routines. Teams need athletes of varying ages, heights and body types. Some athletes will work as tops, others as middles, and others as bases.

Routines are set to music and competed on a 40x40 spring floor. Early levels compete in one routine while elite athletes perform three different routines.

Competitive routines are scored, and athletes can not only win ribbons and medals, but go on to qualify for state, regional and national competitions. International athletes can go on to compete at World Championships.

Acro is a quickly growing sport in our region. We now have three acro teams in VA where last year there were none. Surrounding states have had competitive acrobatic gymnastics teams for over 15 years and more and more colleges are providing full-ride scholarships for acrobatic gymnasts in a growing sport called "acro and tumbling."

Spotlight is the ONLY gym in RVA trained to offer acrobatic gymnastics. We have both recreational acro, as well as a competitive acrobatic gymnastics team. Learn more about this amazing sport HERE

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