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2020 Means More Opportunities for our Kids!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday season, and that 2019 was full of joy, family, friends and new experiences. At Spotlight, we're excited for 2020 because we have big plans to expand our gym and class offerings. This means MORE opportunities for all of our Spotlight Kids!

-More people learning about the beautiful, but still fairly unknown sport of Acrobatic Gymnastics -More girls making their Middle & High School Cheer teams because they were prepared and confident -More kids learning the awesome ways of the Ninja -More 3 year olds discovering the joy of gymnastics for the first time -More incredible instructors joining our team -More amazing Spotlight Families -More room for Birthday Parties, Open Gyms & Parent's Night Out (Finally) -More back walkovers, back handsprings and back flips -More than just gymnastics, cheer and ninja; but programs that teach physical fitness, self-confidence & friendships that last a lifetime.

Thank you parents for all you do for our Kids  Here's to a great 2020

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