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Expansion 2021

We are thrilled to finally be moving forward in knocking down the dividing wall that separates our current gym with our additional space, which will almost double our gym size. This addition will allow us to expand our current spring floor while adding additional flooring for more classes. 

Initially, we will be moving several of our athletes into our  acrobatic gymnastics team and pre-teams, opening up numerous spots in our recreational classes. We are also adding an additional evening Ninja Monkeys class. We've hired several fantastic new staff members so will continue to add more and more classes as needed.  

At Spotlight, we still believe it is imperative that children thrive through the personalized attention we offer, so we will continue to have the best staff to student ratio.

Even though we are expanding, we are still a very small gym where we like to know every family that comes through our doors. 

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