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Tumbling is the floor exercise apect of Gymnastics. If your kids are Flipping, Bending and Cart-wheeling all over your house; it's time to bring them to Spotlight! 


 Personalized Attention and Learning to give kids

a life advantage  

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Spotlight is the only gym in Central VA qualified to teach Acrobatic Gymnastics; an amazing form of gymnastics that includes partner skills, strength, flexibility, balance and team work. We start by teaching kids their basic tumbling skills and proper body mechanics. Then if they show an interest in acro, we offer acrobatic gymnastics for kids ages 6 and up. This is a unique experience for kids to grow in in fitness, friendships and confidence.

Acrobatic Gymnastics (acro), is an amazing form of gymnastics that includes tumbling, strength, flexibility, and partner skills showcasing balance and flight.  Athletes work with one, two or three other gymnasts to complete partner skills in pairs or groups  as well as individual flexibility, tumbling, strength and dance. 

We offer cheer classes for kids starting at age 5, up through High School Cheer. Cheer at Spotlight is all about having fun and learning your cheer skills safely.  We teach kids everything they need to know, should they choose to do cheer on their school cheer team, local county, rec team, or just for fun. If your child has little or no cheer experience or is age 5-10, join our beginning cheer class on Wednesdays!

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Is your child interested in, or already involved in Middle or High School Cheerleading? Spotlight offers classes to focus on the specific needs of MS and HS Cheer and Tumbling


My daughter now takes two classes here and has so much fun! They have a lot of one on one attention and they praise each and every child! I would definitely recommend it! They have a variety of classes!


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