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High School Cheer and Tumbling Class is


Middle and High School CheeR and Tumbling


Middle and high schoolers who want to learn or improve upon their tumbling and/or cheerleading skills are invited to take our cheer and tumbling classes. These classes are largely designed for kids interested in trying out for, or furthering their Middle School and High School Cheer leading. Middle and high school cheer require significantly different skills, so we teach everything kids need to be prepared for both. Classes focus on sideline cheer, proper arm formation, jumps and basic stunting.

Our tumbling focus  is great for gymnasts who want to work on their floor skills, cheerleaders looking to improve their tumbling skills, and athletes considering trying out for their school cheer team. Cheerleaders with strong tumbling skills are always at an advantage so keep them sharp and continue to improve or start here, with others your age.

Since our class sizes are kept small, more advanced athletes can get help with their harder moves while others are mastering the basics.  So what is that skill you’re longing to conquer? Round-off back tuck?  Side aerial? Cartwheel? The perfect split? Or do you need some work on your cheerleading jumps?  Come join others your age and have a great time while learning and improving these skills. No Previous Experience Required!

UPDATE: Until social distancing restrictions have been loosened, our cheer classes will focus on sideline cheer including jumps, arm formation, chants, flexibility and tumbling. We look forward to resuming stunt work when social distancing is behind us.

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