summer TUMBLE Camps & CLINICS

Our Summer Camps Have it ALL! Spotlight Offers Amazing Week Long Summer Tumble Camps for rising 1st-6 graders

Tumbling, Acrobatic Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Dance and Ninja! — our week-long tumble camps have it all. Kids get extra time to work on their favorite skills, improve form, increase flexibility and endurance; play and have a blast. Whether your child loves dance, cheer, acro or tumbling, they’ll get to experience all of the above.  Beyond all of this, we also make time for plenty of Games, Outdoor Time,  Water Balloon Wednesday, even an Indoor Snowball Fight. After an amazing week of improving and learning new skills, we finish off each camp with an impressive routine for families and friends, where we showcase all we’ve learned.

Camps run from 9 AM -1 PM Monday-Friday.  (performance for family and friends  12:15 on Friday)


With an extra week between our March billing cycle and Hanover Spring Break we look forward to offering a few special cinics the week of  March 28. Stay tuned as we look forward to again offering our awesome clinics such as

-Front and Back Walkover Clinic

-Round Off Clinic

-Back Hand Spring Clinic

-Acrobatic Gymnastics Clinic

shoulder stand
teaching back handspring
gymnastics team
acro partnering
kid climbing rope
kid jumping on air track
kids having fun at spotlight