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Once an athlete has progressed in their skills and strength, they are ready to join our Intermediate Tumbling with Acro Class! This unique form of gymnastics isn't offered anywhere else in RVA!

Acrobatic Gymnastics (acro) is an amazing form of gymnastics that teaches strength, balance, grace, flexibility and teamwork.  For girls and boys who love gymnastics and want to try something new, acro provides the opportunity to continue to learn and improve upon tumbling, stunting or dance skills while taking on new challenges. Acro also includes partner skills composed of dynamic and balance moves.

Here’s why we love acro:

  • You don’t have to start acro at an extremely young age to succeed

  • All body types are required for a successful acro team- made up of a base, a middle and a top

  • Acro teams involve 2-4 partners made up of all boys, all girls or mixed pairs

  • Acro builds strength, flexibility, balance, endurance and friendships!

Who should try acrobatic gymnastics?

  • Anyone who loves gymnastics, tumbling, or just staying active

  • Kids of all ages who want to learn a new skill (acro skill are generally taught after age 5)

  • Boys and girls who want to make new friends with this incredible group sport


Spotlight offers recreational classes with acrobatic gymnastics including  intermediate tumbling and acro as well as an introduction to acrobatic gymnastics at each of our Summer Tumbling Camps.

If you'd like to learn more about how Acro differs from the other forms of gymnastics you may be familiar with, please contact us.

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